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September 7, 2015 by Johnny

Forex TradersHello and welcome to my Forex channel! Whether you trade Forex, Binary Options, or Futures, here you will find comprehensive and useful info: Educational section, articles, trading strategies, signals, broker reviews trading tools, and basically all you  really need. So whether you are a novice trader or pro or simply want to participate in the highly rewarding currencies market, I have the solutions for you. With over a decade of experience of dealing in the Forex market, establishing myself as a successful trader I’ve decided to share my knowledge with the world. Striving to provide you with a constant extra value, I invite you now to join my community. Be active, contribute, and enjoy the process on your way of becoming a successful trader. My goal here is to create an all-inclusive trading portal that will cover the most important topics which relate to the Forex industry. I will provide you with all the necessary tools beginners as well as experienced traders need in order to succeed and trade smarter. From choosing a reliable and high-quality broker, through using analysis methods and applying proper trading and money management systems. In addition i will test and review some of the main services, in order to help you make better decisions when choosing your trading platform, strategy, or signal provider service. I encourage you to take an active part and overwhelm me with questions, complaints and issues. That way I can help you and other traders who face the same problems to create a transparent, honest, and professional trading environment for all of us. I wish you all a successful trading. Take my tips to make some more pips! for suggestions, questions and feedback please do not hesitate and feel free to Contact.

Choosing a reliable and professional forex broker is just as important as having a good trading strategy. You will end up losing your money if you choose the wrong broker, and it doesn’t matter if you hold the perfect trading strategies. Choosing the right broker will allow you to succeed or to fail only according to your performance and not your broker’s performance. You, as a trader need to have ideal conditions as much as possible so you will be able to trade with peace of mind and focus solely on your trading decisions and on how to become a better Forex trader. Every week i will review new broker and provide with the data you need in order to make a smart decision. For the Forex broker reviews visit: Brokers Soon i will review some of the leading binary options brokers.

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Technical Analysis is one of the main methods trades use in order to analyze the different market and try and predict future fluctuations. The two aspects technical analysis take into consideration are prices and volume. The main goal of this type of analysis is to recognize trading patterns which tend to repeat themselves. Here you can find all the basic tools you need when approaching your trading platform. Starting by learning what candlestick charts are and to some more advanced tools such as different Momentum Indicators and how you can apply them on your Forex trading strategy. If you have any specific topic you would like me to explain let me know and i will cover it. Remember the importance of using technical analysis. The charts on your trading platform provide you with so much useful information you can use to trade smarter. You owe yourself to get the max out of the available data.