Penny Millionaire Review – Is it a Scam?

Hey guys, on this review i’ll go over this new promising offer called the Penny Millionaire system. This very interesting signals service is about to be launched and here you’ll be able to read firstly about it. In oppose to many binary options scams in the trading industry, this is one of the real genuine service you really want to check out.

This is not a regular product and there’s a reason they call it some kind of Lottery. The reason is that you need some luck in order to get in. Free spots are guaranteed only for the first 100 users.

Then, it’s hard to know if they will allow more. Anyway, once your’e in it seems like the platform use a super smart model to ensure extremely high profits. As you’ll see in a minute, the model is realistic and based on real logic and statistic rules.


After going over this product in details I couldn’t find any signs of a scam. The opposite it true. The Penny Millionaire was checked by several different objective sources which confirmed its reliability. I’m talking about trusted binary sites such as the watch dog, objective binary options and more. I’m empathizing that, as truly, there is huge amount of deceiving trading tools and products out there. You should always look for real honest review from reliable and objective source.

Here, my only interest is to provide you with the most valuable information so you can be profitable and happy and then come back to share your success. Ultimately the goal is to help as many traders as possible in the binary options and other markets to find their way to success, and to avoid scams. Hopefully this Penny Millionaire review provides you with all the info you need. If not, please let me know and i’ll be happy to answer and assist in any matter. So let’s go on and continue with today’s coverage.

About the Penny Millionaire System

The new app by David Forrster is not a fully automated trading software such as most of the recent services we saw and reviewed. The Penny Millionaire is a semi automatic trading system. It means that it suggests the most recommended online signals and you need to apply them technically. Basically all you need to do is to push the trade buttom and approve that you’d like to execute the trade. That gives you the feeling of being in control. For example you might want to skip certain trades when you know that the market is too volatile. Such scenario can be following a dramatic economic news, a terror attack etc.  But the Penny Millionaire is not like other semi auto traders.There’s a real twist which makes this system unique and the performance outstanding.

Penny Millionaire Formula

The model of the software is sophisticate yet simple. It’s derived from the financial term of compounding interest. Basically it means that when you reinvest your profit you increase the potential profits dramatically. For example, of you take one penny and invest it, you receive some interest. Then, you get the have the same interest in a bit larger amount and so fourth. Soon enough your capital will grow exponentially.

David Forrster took this even one step further. He realized that with only one profitable trade a day, you can build a crazy portfolio that will make your investing jump high so fast that you wouldn’t believe. At first, you take pone penny from your initial 250 dollar investment. Then, after your first winning prediction, you add another penny to the investing account. It’s easy to calculate that if you double your penny capital every day you’ll earn million of bucks in no time. With a good trading strategy and the high rewarding binary options market this mission is much more than possible.

Just to make it easier for you, think about the next calculation: 1 penny turn into 2 penny which turn into 4 and then 8. After 30 days of doubling your initial fund you will get to several millions! The Penny Millionaire system doesn’t trade a lot. The algorithm is wise and works on quality over quantity. It will pick only the positions which are most probable winning and that’s it. Once in a while it might lose a trade of course. But the money management method will always protect most of your capital. That way, even on the worse day, it will be quick and easy to recover.

The Penny Millionaire App is NOT a Scam

With all the scam software out there it’s a must to ask the right questions and to search before joining any type of binary options signal service. The same apply to any other type of trading products. As much as there are valuable and really great programs, there are also misleading offers which take advantage of innocent people. This is our job to expose them and warn anyone we can about them.

As for the Penny Millionaire system, this is definitely not a scam. The software and the all idea behind it are completely genuine. They are based on existing and proven model which were integrated into the currency market through the Penny Millionaire trading platform. As mentioned earlier on this post, I couldn’t any signs of dishonest information with this offer. The same apply to other high authority websites and blogs while some of them actually tested the results on real time and live market conditions.

Penny Millionaire Lottery 

The program of the called a Lottery but this might confuse some. Once you join this software the odds for winning massive gains are really high. The only thing you need luck with and can be related to Lottery is to get in the registration. According to David, due to the fact that the system works so well, they have submit a limitation. Otherwise, at some point the trading strategies might stop working or lose some of their value.

So, as of now only 100 clients will be able to enter in the platform and start using the Penny Millionaire. It might be that few additional spots will be accessible in the near future. But as I see it, if you want to give it a shot you better do it now. We already saw how some of the most popular and profitable trading software such as the Swarm Intelligence, close their gates for new clients. Sometimes it’s better not to take the risk. Especially when the actual risk with joining is minimal. On the worse case you’ll not be able to join. On the better case, you can literally make fortune with this trading system.

How to Join the Penny Millionaire?

– Very easy to apply for a registration. Before you sign in clear cookies and cache.
– Now submit your real name and email on the singing up page:
– Continue filling the rest of fields on the next page and choose your pass.
– You’ll be assigned with a leading broker and get into your new account.
– The last step is funding your account with the initial investing amount.

If you are able to get to this stage it means that you ensure your spot with the Penny Millionaire system and you can start your journey in making some real serios bucks. Start with the minimum of $250. That will be sufficient. You will not need to pay commissions or any other hidden cost. That’s it. I hope you were able to get in. If so, please share your experience! if not, don’t worry. Keep following and look for other great opportunities. Good Trading and Happy New Year!!

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