China Millionaire Scam Review

January 28, 2016

Review of China Millionaire Scam

China Millionaire scam reviewI’ve first run into this offer by a pop up marketing video that insistently took over my screen. Not a good start. When these kind of promotions are the main method my experience tell me it’s a bad, bad sign. Than i remembered being asked about this auto trader several times in the past. So I’ve decided to do a little research and to publish this China Millionaire scam review. As usually i was skeptical but open-minded enough to discover the truth behind this Binary Options robot. But i didn’t have to make a special effort, cause soon enough I’ve found some “interesting” facts about this China Millionaire scam auto trading offer. The story itself is full with inaccuracies in the best case, and terrible lies on the worse. I’ll start with the website of and the story it presents.

So here is the story behind the Chine Millionaire trading software in a brief. There is this Chinese guy called Jin Lee which invented a sophisticated algorithm that is able to predict market future movements and to create a trading system that will work on the binary options market and will take advantage of it to make huge profits. The Binary Options auto-trading system of this software was upgraded to a super algorithm that consider all activities that take place in the binary options market at once. According to them, the accuracy of its prediction is not less than 99.8%. But here comes the twist..
The Chinese government which heard about this “prodigy” and his golden machine are now after him. They’ve decided that this should be a government property and they take any measures in order to bring it “back” to their hands. But of course, now is the perfect timing as you can still have the opportunity to download China Millionaire software and get rich before it’s too late. And then they start to put some pressure on you.

What do you think about this story so far? Does it sounds reliable and legit? Is China Millionaire a scam? Is it legit? Well, anything is possible and I don’t blame you if you still think that the China Millionaire Auto-Trader might be a legit and profitable trading software. But keep reading. Now we are getting to the good part. The most important and interesting one. Any doubts you might have are going to be cleared.

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Is China Millionaire a Scam?

It didn’t take me long to get this obvious distinction – The China Millionaire robot is a scam. Here are some facts: The main character of the China Millionaire is that genius Jin Lee. In the video itself he appears and presented after few minutes. But after a quick search online you will not find anything about this guy. In fact the only thing you will find is his image in random pictures sites under the title of “Weird Chinese Guy”. Similar case is with the testimonials – according to their marketing page the China Millionaire is so amazing that it helped people as Linda, John and Daniel to make a lot of money. But when you look for those people you find they are not exist and that their pictures are all taken from Stock images and galleries. If that’s not enough, you can easily tell that their social media testimonials are fake as they use the same words with different fictive profiles. Another element is that when reaching their page you will always see the number of available spots going down. You will quickly see only “1 spot left”. But surprisingly it is then goes back to 50.. it goes like that for months, so i believe there are still many available spots if you want to surely lose your money in a fast way.
What about the positive China Millionaire reviews you can find on the web? Well, nothing. As the general method of this binary options robot, all they do is spreading false information over the internet and that includes those “positive reviews” They are all related to their product or marketers who have some interest in selling it.

China Millionaire Scam Review – Conclusion

I can go on and on and to tell you about features that don’t exist and trading system that doesn’t work, but I’m sure you figured out so far that China Millionaire trading software is not more than a fraud. It was highly important for me to write this China Millionaire Scam Review in order to warn you not to fall into their trap. There are plenty of legit services out there that works great. China Millionaire scam is definitely not one of them.

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