Code Fibo Review – Is it a Scam?

August 29, 2016

Scam Review of Code Fibo

Code Fibo ReviewHello and welcome to my Code Fibo review. This fresh new auto trading software is about to be officially launched. But it’s already available and you can be from the firsts to check it out from here: As always, I want to encourage you to go over different reviews before you invest your money or even sign in your details to any trading service. It is very important to consider all possible facts before you make a decision.

You already noticed that one of my goal on this site is to expose binary options scams, whether they are broker, signal services or auto traders. I really wish not to hear anymore about people who got scammed and lost their money in the binary options trading field. For that reason, I carefully check and research before providing anything that might seem as a recommendation. All conclusion are based on real facts and experience of me and many others.

Today I would like to  present and cover different aspects of the Code Fibo trading software and provide you with all the info you need in order to make the right decision.
I don’t like to keep the tension too much, so let me start with a bottom line – The CodeFibo robot by Professor Matthew Louise is a legit automated signals service that proved to work and generate profits in a constant way. I’m gladly breaking my scams reviews routine for a review of software that can actually help you be profitable in the binary markets which is full with deceptions. (Check out binary scams).

CodeFibo auto trading software

Is Code Fibo Profitable?

The answer is yes. The CodeFibo robot is 100% legit and profitable. It’s not one of the scams like the ones we recently discovered. The statistics of this binary options signals product are definitely achievable when you consider that the people behind are pro traders. People that master the art of trading and know how to macode fibo robot profitske real money for leaving. While observing their website you find that they set professionals and trustworthy standards. No fake testimonials and fictive social media profiles. The Code Fibo app don’t use cheap selling methods like we saw in some frauds auto traders as the Quantum Code for example. They don’t try to convince you or put any pressure. That’s because they know they hold a valuable product. It’s probably a matter of few days before the Code Fibo automated software become viral.

I do want to mention from the start – you shouldn’t expect making millions with good auto traders. A good software can generate few hundreds of dollars and up to 1000$ a day, and this is what you should strive for, not more than that. You should consider the risks involved, trade solid, and increase your account gradually. If you do so, you’ll get the most easiest and fun income you’ll ever make.

Is Code Fibo a Scam?

As mentioned above, the Code Fibo auto trader is legit. This is definitely not a scam. The website and everything that being said seems genuine. When dealing with honest people your chances to lose are low. The Code Fibo integrates with trustworthy brokers with high reputation. So you don’t even have the risk of transactions. You can always deposits and withdrawal with no delay and no money that is stuck somewhere.

Code Fibo Trading Strategies

fibonacci strategyAccording to Prof. Matthew Louise the trading software use sophisticated arbitrage system. Basically what it does is to take advantage of inefficiencies in the market. For example it can buy an asset on a certain current price, and sell a future contract on the same asset on a higher price. There are many ways to do it, and it’s quite complicated. Honestly, I don’t know exactly which system and assets the Code Fibo robot use. But it doesn’t really matter as long as it works. What is easy to understand is that while buying at specific price and at the same time selling the same financial instrument at a higher price, you must eliminate big part of the risk involved in trading.

In combine with Fibonacci levels it creates a minimal risk. It does so as there is almost no exposure. Each position covers another one in a way that minimize the chances for losses. The Fibonacci lines are used to confirm accurate entry points. And it all works in a super fast way. Theoretically, you could apply similar strategies while trading manually. But in reality it requires very high-speed of analysis and executions. This is exactly where the algorithms have an advantage. Learn what is Fibonacci HERE.

Code Fibo Software Features

automatic binary tradingThe CodeFibo system is working on 100% autopilot. It’s the easiest and best solution for most traders. It’s especially good for beginners, as you don’t need to have any prior experience in trading. As long as you have a proper internet connection you can use it. It works on desktop, tablet, and you can even use it from your smart phone from wherever in the world you are.

Think of you letting professional traders to place positions on your behalf while all you have to do is to switch the auto trading bottom on. To make sure you have the same interest as the Fibo Code app owner, there is the partner plan. According to this plan you can use the Code Fibo robot for free on the first month. After that, in order to keep using the automated signals you share 5% of your profits with the developers.

Sounds like a good deal to me. For every 1000$ you make, you pay 50$. No other commission or stuff like that. It’s useful cause it also guarantee to keep the mutual interest with the owners of the platform. When you win they win. They have a serious reason to care. Especially consider the fact that probably in a month or so there will be thousands of users managing total of millions of dollars.

User friendly platform

The Code Fibo trading platform is very friendly, especially for beginners who don’t necessarily know what each term means. The interaction with the user is simple and you don’t need to guess anything. For me it’s a great sign. One of the added value of products in any industry, including the binary options ones, is making complicated things simple. In fact, don’t trust things that look too sophisticated and complex. It usually comes to confuse you and this is what scams auto traders often do.

Signing Up with the Code Fibo

1. First of all clear all cookies and cache from your computer. Do it for a fluent and safe process of registration, and so you can get a good broker from the available ones for your country.

2. Now go to the website from here: Code Fibo Free Sign Up.  Enter your email address and name under the “Register and Access Today” box and click “Apply Now”.

3. Complete other basic details for your trading account such as full name and phone number and choose your login password.

4.  Fund your Code Fibo software account. You can start with a minimal amount of 250 USD. Then, in order to activate your account you should verify your details with the broker that will contact you and that’s it. you’re good to go and start making profits!

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