Dow Jones Focus Group Review

December 9, 2015


download dow jones focus groupIt is highly important that you read this Dow Jones Focus Group review before deciding whether to sign up to this online binary options auto trader or not. You must first found out if the Dow Jones Focus Group is a scam or is it a legit. Is it really a profitable binary options robot as it claimed to be.


The service was founded by Jeffery Richards. Jeffery is also the head project manager of the Dow Jones Focus Group. The company introduce the Equinox trading software that was developed by a group of talented market analysts used to research and trade the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. This American index reflects the continuous change in value of 30 of the largest companies stocks.

The concept is offering an unusual approach for earning money online using binary options trading. Focus Groups is an approach used in many start-up companies. Jeffery Richards himself was involved in some great projects of huge companies using the same method. The idea is to gather different people around a product in order to get as much feedback as possible about the product’s performance. That way, you can get ideas on how to improve it.

Following his past achievements, Jeffery Richards was asked to open such a group for the Equinox trading software. The main goal was to prove that this product can work and be highly profitable. That, before packaging and offering it for sale on the wide market around the world. This idea of forming trading focus groups by people who are willing to learn about binary options trading and make it their main income was a very successful one, while two focus groups were created. The first one during 2014.

Following its big success came the second and current group. being a part of the current Dow Jones Focus Group will allow you to get an instant and free access to the Equinox software. The main goal in this group defined as reaching a personal gain of 20,000$ or more within 3 months. Each individual should get to make such a decent amount according to the Equinox trading plan.


There are so many Binary Options Auto traders or signals services out there that are scams. They all use a similar type of presentation and marketing. So, sometimes it is hard to tell which binary options software is legit and profitable and which one is a scam. Even if it’s not a binary options scam, i would like to see sufficient positive results before i can post a positive review on it. So the best thing for me is to see in my own eyes some real performance and live result. In addition to the binary options watch dog’s experience and recommendations that I’m about to tell you about, many other have shared their positive results and huge gains over time.


This Binary Options software is not pretending to make you a millionaire over one night. Not even two nights, or a year. It does, however presents proven and tested automated signals that can generate high profits on a regular basis. Few months ago, few of the leading binary options review sites were testing the Dow Jones Focus Group. Maybe the most important among them is the Binary Options Watch Dog. This site is doing a great job of objective binary options reviews. It revealed many scam software in the past. During a 14 days period of testing, the Dow Jones software presented an excellent record. The total of 260 signals showed a 81% ITM (in the money trades). This is a very impressive and promising winning rate.


The Equinox is a very easy to use binary options Auto-Trader. According to the Equinox software developers and analysts, this trading platform was in use secretly in trading rooms of large companies for over 10 years. The access to the Equinox trading software was privet and was only available to some of the top analysts on the firm. It started as a simple algorithm and was improved and went through some adjustments over the years. Despite all the evidence and positive claims of the Equinox Software Jeffery Richards didn’t hurry. He always prefer to check and test carefully any product he takes under his responsibility before presenting and offer it as a final and ready to go product.

This conservative approach has proven itself in all of his past projects, and it is that approach that enable you now to join and be part of the process yourself. After the huge profits achieved in the first 45 days focus group the expectations are high. The current, and probably last Dow Jones Focus Group is probably going to perform even better by earning massive gains. Again, the Equinox software of the Dow Jones Focus Group doesn’t pretend to make you a millionaire in no time, as some dubious software you might find on the web. However, earning tens and hundreds of thousands while learning solid and long-term money management strategies is definitely a decent gain.


This binary options trading system is great for inexperienced traders. There is no need for prior knowledge of any kind, as all you need to do is to open the software and set it on an auto pilot. Another feature of the Equinox software is that in the Dow Jones Focus Group you can set the system to a manual trading mode. It means you can have more control on your trading account, and choose whether you want to open a position suggested by the Dow Jones Focus Group or to wait for another trading opportunity.


The Dow Jones Focus Group Auto Trader seems as a great opportunity offered by reliable sources. This binary options automated signals service work only with regulated brokers and firms. In addition they accept U.S client which is another advantage over other automatic binary options software. I can’t ignore the positive reviews from important sites and blogs such as It strengthens the overall feeling that we have here something that is of high value.


First, clear cookies from your PC for safer registration process.
Than you can join the Dow Jones Focus Group from here: Sign Up Now.
Just sign in with you personal basic details and follow the simple instructions to download Equinox and start make some money online.
Good luck, and don’t forget to share how it goes!

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  1. Thanks, from my experience it’s a really good choice. I use 3 different auto signals at the same time.. So far Dow Jones is the only one that help me generate serious profits

  2. Interesting concept and good. I used the Dow Jones software and was quite profitable but i had problems with the broker so i stopped. But I will try trade again with it

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