Gold Digger Review

December 29, 2015


gold digger reviewWelcome to this Gold Digger Review. Here i will cover this Binary Options auto trader service that was launched earlier this year. It was created by Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble – Two Russian scientists and market analysts. Antony and Ronald are already the proud owners of several successful projects. The most famous among them are the 2006 GPS Forex Robot, and the leading forex portal of Despite their previous success they continued to work hard in an effort to find more ways to crack the market. After 6 years of research and developing they found a way to generate profits by trading gold via binary options platform and packaged it into the Gold Digger System.

The Gold Digger trading software of is a Binary Options Signals service that focus mainly on trading the Gold Commodity. This is a free semi automated binary trading software that allows you to execute buying and selling signals which designed to maximize profits potential for your account’s investment. Unlike other Forex currencies that may collapse, the Gold has proven itself over the years. It has proven to be one of the safest investments in times of uncertainty. So in times of political, economical and geographical instability, it is today one of the most attractive trading assets. Even when there is a decline in its value during certain periods, The gold movements create excellent sell opportunities. Of those reasons Antony and Ronald choose to develop this Binary Options signals robot by focusing mainly on this precious commodity. So they have created this Gold Trading Software.


You can use the Gold Digger system with a minimal account, as it requires only 200-250$ as a starting amount, depends on the broker. The platform lets you connect the system directly in one of their recommended Binary Options Brokers.

Is Gold Digger profitable? As was written in “Best Binary Options Signals” Leading blog: “Once you deposit, you will start seeing your income grow higher and higher, and can earn even up to $15,000 in your first 1-2 trading weeks”

The Gold Digger trading software can be used in two modes: Fully automated, and Semi Automated. Each one of those has its own advantages. My suggestion is that you start with the Semi automated mode as that way you can gain the confidence letting the automated trading system run by itself. That way you have more control and have the opportunity to better understand and learn from the trading signals.


As in any review, i must address the scam issue. As you know there are Binary Options Scams out there. So is it one of them? Is Gold Digger a scam? The answer is not as far as i know. The founders of Gold Digger are well aware of the reality. So in order to create a reliable and powerful reputation, they’ve decided to enable close monitoring of the Gold Digger Robot by a third party in order to approve their performance. That way, they received a notarized certificate of German high authority entity.

When i made some research on this auto trader, I’ve found out that important binary options blogs made positive Gold Digger reviews. They all answered the question – Is Gold Digger legit? with a clear YES. They’ve decided that Gold Digger is legit and also a profitable binary options auto trader.

“It seems so genuine and different from most binary options auto traders I review, also the people behind this software hold a track record of profitable trading bots” – by Binary Options Watch Dog.

“Gold Diggers software works – This is not a scam” – By Best Binary Options Signals.

The following image they present was audited by UK Notary. Check it out:

gold digger performance

Signing Up to GoldDigger Auto Trader For Free

You can download Gold Digger free of charge from this Gold Digger review.
First it’s important that you clear cache and clear cookies from you device.
Then what you should do is entering the following link: Sign Up Now.

Now enter your real name and email address and submit. Next all you need to do is to follow the easy instructions. You will get to a welcome page from there you will need to connect a broker account and enter in to your membership ares.
Within just a few minutes you will be able to start trading and make money.

Good luck and don’t forget to share your experience with me!

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