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April 27, 2016

Review Of NEO2 Software  

neo2 reviewHey everyone and welcome to my NEO2 review! Can this new robot keep it promises? Is NEO2 really the most advanced and profitable Automated signals we’ve ever seen? Or is it just another sophisticated scam? Keep reading!

As you know one of my “hobbies” is to find new binary options scams and expose it. The truth is that sometimes it’s getting boring to see time and time again the same scammers using the same ridiculously obvious methods. But I still do it, as I feel an obligation to anyone who gets to read me. If it can save even one of you from losing money with a fraud, I get my satisfaction. However,  being persistence allows me once in a many few scams, to be lucky and find a new binary options robot that is good, legit and profitable. NEO2 is one of these unique services. I’ts not only a legit robot, but actually one of the most profitable ones, using the most advanced technology.

After reviewing and testing it from any possible angle, I can tell you that I’m really glad to get the chance to be one of the firsts who introduce you with the NEO2 software. This is clearly one of the best offers I saw, and trust me, this industry is not new to me..!  As with every new binary options auto trader or signals service that is launched you should all be skeptical and make some research in order to define whether it is scam or legit. Once you know it’s legit you can keep exploring further details regarding the performance, recommended setting, and compare it to other binary robots. So I made this NEO2 review to save you some precious time and provide you with some true facts you’ll need in order to make a decision.

NEO2 Review – Background

The founder of the NEO2 robot is Doctor Jack Piers which is also the CEO of the company. After working several years with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, being expert in Climate Forecasting, he decided to take his passion to a new direction. Along with Amit Gutpa which is a successful entrepreneur and now serves as the main programmer and president of the firm, they established the NEO2 robot company. Their main challenge was to create a very sophisticated and profitable auto trading system that will also be the easiest and most simple to use.

In order to do so, they gathered with Michael freeman which is one of the most important and well known people on the binary options industry. Mike is the owner of one of the biggest channels on YouTube channel and also operates the leading blog which is probably the most popular ones.

Michael helped Doctor Piers and Amit Gutpa to integrate their NEO2 method with powerful computers that fetch raw data that usually used by Algo trading robots of financial institutions. The computers then find the suitable available trading assets and apply accurate trading signals on real-time. This ability to predict commodities price is very interesting and may affect dramatically future trading products.

NEO2 Auto Trader – This is NOT a Scam

To be honest, when I first saw the NEO2 robot offer i was skeptical. Not a little, but VERY skeptical. The platform use an algorithm which considers weather’s predictions combined with trading patterns. It is done by using satellites that predict the expected behavior of the weather and how it should affect the price levels on different exchanges. It sounds a bit like a fantasy at first. But when you go into details you get the logic behind it and it’s actually make sense.

Think about it for a sec – after all, weather prediction is a real science. It’s been also proven that climatic conditions affect the commodities prices. And by using super fast algorithm it is definitely possible to use this tight correlation. But let me admit, for me it’s not that important to understand how exactly does it work. And it shouldn’t be to you as well. What is important is that it make sense and that it actually works!

Unlike some of the non legit auto traders, NEO2 trading signals robot doesn’t use any scams features. I couldn’t find any “only 2 available spots”. Also, no fake profiles and testimonials, no time running out feature etc. For me it’s a great sign.
Good product does not need gimmicks. The same applies to binary auto traders.

Performance Of The NEO2 Software

During my testing i couldn’t find anything special. And that what was so special about it. It worked exactly as presented on presentation with a deviation of up to 5%. The NEO2 trading system is constantly winning 8 out of 10 trades. The real precise percentage of winning rates of my testing was 84.466 (!).

If you compare it to other Binary Options Auto Trader you’ll find that there’s not much to co compare. Even the best performing ones usually generates about 10$ less. It’s doesn’t sound much, but when it comes to money we are talking about a difference that can reach tens of thousands of dollars annually. Let’s translate that to concrete figures. The estimate payout of an average user should be 2000-4000$ a week. In oppose to all the “Become a Millionaire over night” frauds, the NEO2 app targets reasonable targets and seems to keep its promises. Use it wisely, be patience, and try to choose the best available broker. The system will do the rest for you.

Signing up with NEO2 Trading Software

Thank you for reading my NEO2 review. You might want to try this software yourself. In order to register and open an account with the NEO2 automated signals service you should simply follow a few easy steps.

First, I would recommend that you clear cookies and clear cache on your computer. It might save you some troubles when you synced your account. Then:

1.Use the following link: Sign Up Now.

2. Fill in your real name and email address and register.

3. Next, you’ll need to enter few basic details and to choose a password that will serve you on your broker’s trading account.

4. Fund your account. The minimum deposit with the NEO2 platform is 250$.
The broker will then verify your account and that’s about it. You are ready to go! The process is easy and quick and within 5 minutes you’ll be able to activate the trading system generate some decent income!

I tried to provide you with the most important details you need to know about NEO2 on this review. However if you still have questions or need my support don’t hesitate as i promise to do my best to help each one of you. Don’t forget to share your experience and let me know how it goes!

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