Profit Magnet Review – Binary Options Scam

February 19, 2016

Review Of Profit Magnet

profit magnet review -scamHey everyone and welcome to my Profit Magnet review. Is Profit Magnet a scam or legit? I’m glad that you came here checking my objective review before deciding whether to register with this binary options auto trader or not. Always research before investing if you care about your money and would like to act carefully with your funds! After researching i can tell you confidently that the Profit Magnet software is scam. Reading this Profit Magnet review will clear any doubts you might have. And it all based on real facts and evidences.

The Profit Magnet robot was recently launched and it claims to make you reach quickly by making more than 1000$ a day. Oh sorry, they not claim, they guarantee! This free signals service supposed to help you to earn up to 220 dollars in only one our, without any need for prior experience. Sounds good? Keep reading.

Profit Magnet Review – Is it a Scam?

After a short research you will find, as i did, that Profit Magnet trading signals use false and misleading information, use fictive profiles and made up testimonials. In fact all they got is some images and lists of “users” who claim to make some profits with the software.
However, even if you try really hard you will not be able to verify any of these so-called testimonials, because these people do not really exist. Believe me, i tried.

When you visit website you’ll come across another warning sign which is common among fake binary options services. You will be told to are the last visitor, or at least one of the last ones. But guess what, when you come to visit the site again you will get the same message, always. This by itself doesn’t necessarily indicates a scam, as some legit auto traders use this technique as part as their marketing method. But it’s still not a good sign, and Binary Options scams always use this kind of selling methods.
If that’s not enough, we have Aaron Martin, the founder of the Profit Magnet software.
In the video he claims that during 5 days he allows 20 new people to enter his group, and this is of course the fifth day. So this is your last change to get in. Funny or not, this fifth day is lasting for over a month..  Oh and another thing – Aaron Martin doesn’t really exist.
Yeah, check it out yourself. The image they display doesn’t match any Aaron Martin, but only an actor from stock photo website.

Profit Magnet Reviews

All the mentioned above facts are sufficient for me to raise serious doubts in this Profit Magnet review, and conclude that we are dealing with a scam. But don’t take only my word for it. I’ve found many other Profit Magnet reviews on the web. And if you put aside all the fake testimonials, you will find that all big sites and blogs have similar conclusions.
Such as,, and many more.

Your obvious conclusion from this Profit Magnet review should be clear – DO NOT use this software! If you tried it and would like to share your experience please do it. Be aware of scams, good luck and see you later!

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